Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Technical Posting

Hi All,

I appreciate this initiative taken by CRV. I hope, this place will bring us into a desk where we can share our technical knowledge in all aspects. I would like to participate in the technical area where we can find the best practise every moment. The most technical area which i have been working are ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET,WebServices,SQL Server, Oracle, ASP,PHP, Perl/CGI,html,SEO. Apart from that the most best practise area which i am focusing are Design Pattern, Application Blocks, Internet SecurityManagement. Regarding the quality perspective i am focusing on Unit Testing,Test Case Writing and so on. I would like to hear more questions on the above.

Looking forward your valuable input.


[ T.S.S.Venkateshwaran ]

Sunday, April 16, 2006

DCI Alumni Blog

Dear DCI Alumni,

We miss you a lot. This blog is for all of us to keep in touch. Keep posting and looking forward for getting more updates from all of you.


C.R.Venkatesh and Girish Ramdas

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Friends 4ever!!!

There’s hearts filled with laughter
and eyes moved to tears
with memories so vivid
transcending the years
the words of compassion
and actions so kind
the sun smiles down, when
old friends come to mind

I’ve counted my blessings
and shuffled my dreams
and sang to the music
of deep forest streams
searching for places
the light always shined
like deep in my soul, when
old friends come to mind

I count you among
all the guides on the path
who loved me and taught me
to dream and to laugh
when I reach my heaven
I know that I’ll find
this heaven was built
by old friends, I call mine…
-By a DCI Friend

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